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Play count not updating itunes 11

play count not updating itunes 11-11

It seems as though either the new play count for a track doesn't get synced to the cloud or that the original value in the cloud has over-written the new plays value. Several scripts here (Multi-Item Edit, New Play Count, New Last Played Date, et al) that allow you to edit the play counts of your tracks are affected by this bug, which only occurs if you're also using i Cloud Music Library or i Tunes Match.I am not sure if versions of i Tunes prior to are affected or if, perhaps, the bug also occurs with a track's skipped count (I wouldn't be surprised).

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Within that folder you will find a number of old ITL files (ITL stands for Itunes Library File, these files contain metadata like playcount etc.), choose the one with the date before you updated your Itunes to version 11 (in my case the name of the file was “i Tunes Library 2012-12-02”).Every version of i Tunes seems affected, although version 10.x seems worse than others. It can happen on any model i Pod, although Nanos and Touches seem to be the most affected. Is there any trip to let the play count sync between devices?I know that the "love" are device specific, but I thought that play count should sync because it worked before Apple Music.After upgrading to i Tunes 11, however, some users are finding that these statistics are not being updated, and songs can be played numerous times with no change to the dates and counts listed in the library.

This problem has not happened with everyone who has upgraded i Tunes, and after users investigated this issue in a rather lengthy Apple Discussion thread, they found that this issue is linked to the use of the i Tunes crossfade function.

Copy and paste them into a text file or something so you can put them in your current library next. Selected Tracks prompt = "New playcount:" For Each IITTrack In selected Tracks title = IITTrack. You could load the old library (which in my case is pretty similar to the new one, since it is only 1 month old) and manually adjust the playcounts (by playing the songs an extra number of times) and also manually adjust newly added songs etc.

This is the tricky part, so back up your files before editing them. Dim i Tunes App, selected Tracks, new Play Count Dim prompt, title, default Value Set i Tunes App = WScript. Of course, you could also just use the old library to identify wrong play counts and adjust them in the new library. Hold down SHIFT while you open Itunes (first press SHIFT, keep holding it down, then open Itunes).

I filed a bug report with Apple and it turns out it's already an open issue, so Apple knows about it.

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These songs do still have a "last played" date though. What I need is to get my original play count data back. When you restart i Tunes, it will use the XML file and your edited information will be accepted.