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Picture dating scan

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I had diligently drank copious amounts of water (as instructed) and was crossing my legs. On went the jelly, the scanner, a bit of adjustment…

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Gynaecological Scanning A transvaginal (internal) scan is often required for further assessment of a patient’s pelvic organs.We will try and obtain a good picture, however, babies do move frequently and it is not always possible to see them clearly.Patients should ask the sonographer at the beginning of the examination if they are interested in having a picture. – We cannot always tell the sex of a baby, but if patient’s wish to know, they should ask the sonographer.It was just over 21 years ago that I was confidently nodding at the sonographer as she pointed out my daughters head, legs, heart etc when really I was thinking "what is she talking about?I can't make out anything other than the flicker of the heart beat!For many women and their partners it makes the pregnancy become very real and reduces a lot of anxiety and worry they may have had.

It's amazing how much the quality of scans that women receive have moved forward.

The sonographer will tell the patient if they can see clearly.

Can the patient’s partner/relative accompany the patient?

" That was enough for us though, confirming that we were expecting a baby and just one (as some women will naturally conceive twins and it would be at this scan they are given that news).

Having a full bladder makes it easier for the sonographer to see your baby so it is important to try and drink plenty before you attend for this scan.

For more information about the screening tests you will be offered please refer to the pregnancy book or the national screening committees information leaflet or talk to your community midwife. If so please email us at [email protected] or alternively use the feedback tool at the bottom of this page.