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Perfect match china dating show

However, the show has received a mixed reaction since the first episode was aired.

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She said that, according to China’s traditional culture and social value, Chinese people pay more attention to family relationship than other things.When I look back, I find that something presented on TV may intensify that kind of sensitivity.People may wonder why the mother-in-law is so fastidious about such a nice girl,” Liu said.matchmaking) and Chinese people’s understanding of marriage – the establishment of stable spousal relationship is a contract between two families, not the continuation of love.Thus, it is more advisable to find someone that meets the requirements of parents than going to a blind date.In addition, 27% of male respondents and 20% of female respondents thought that their sense of security came from the fact that their romantic relationships were compatible with specific social values.

“No matter how reluctant our young people are to share this view, in the end and in the real world, marriage must be a union of two families.

Therefore, many people often say that “marriage is not a matter between two people but involves the merging of two families.” 2015 Annual Report on marital attitude of Chinese men and women released by on February 14, 2016 indicated that most people gained a sense of security in their relations from “the approval of family members and people around them”.

More precisely, 38% of surveyed men and 50% of surveyed women held that view.

This will exert an influence on other families, helping them to learn and to rectify their behaviors.” Liu believed that this kind of influence on the guests would also extend to parents and single people in front of TV.

“For example, it affects how parents understand their kids, how young people communicate with their parents as well as their partner’s parents and how they improve themselves to be more welcomed marriage partners.” to optimize the dating results seem to accord with the original purpose of dating (i.e.

Dating show is a mirror of reality, which reflects the typical image of “Chinese parents” and the actual condition of love and marriage issues in the “Giant Baby Nation”.