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Pastors ten commandments for dating daughter

She is a crazy old cat lady keeps busy with her grown children, her rescue animals, foster care animals and her love of all things art.Contrary to Fundy-Belief she’s usually smiling, laughing or smirking while swilling diet coke and dispensing sarcasm.

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It didn’t even make the list of the big ten commandments.Nancy calls this first command of God’s ‘The Genesis Charge’ and says it is not an option.How about telling anyone openly negative to your face over the size of your family, be it small or large, that it’s none of their business? Okay, I have to stop now as I feel my sarcasm rising and I’m out of coffee again.He will build upon it through the rest of His Word, but He will never deviate from the first principle.After doing some reading on the ‘law of the first mention’ it looks like it’s some extra Biblical extrapolation.I do not recommend reading this drivel without something to drown your sorrows in.

Next time Nancy explains how the idea of over population is merely the mythology of mean, mean, cranky, mean scientists on a mission to keep the Godly from reproducing. Suzanne Titkemeyer is the admin of NLQ and also the wife of a man who had sense enough to recognize their church as a cult before dragging her out.

There wasn’t books, the internet or tiddly-winks to play.

They were brand new and likely didn’t know who they really were yet in the first place, so this is just a ridiculous argument on her part.

After all, there are all those missing African children she adopted and her family to think about, like the daughter that didn’t have heat, or running water in her home, and also adopted orphans that were mysteriously rehomed later.

There is a difference between ‘command’ and ‘commandment’.

“Lets walk to the other side of that big rock.” or “I want to be the first dancer by the sea on the planet!