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Here are some common sense safety tips for meeting your online date in person.

It just sometimes feels like it would be easier to mold yourself into whatever your dating partners want, and then you can get on with living happily ever after. Here's a simple way to illustrate the theory; basically this theory says that if the supply of a certain commodity or goods is more than its demand, then the price of the commodity is bound to drop.In honor of upcoming Valentine’s Day, Dr Oz wanted to explore the world of online dating and how it can affect your health in ways you wouldn’t expect.He asked one of his core team members, journalist Jenna Wolfe, to find people who use online dating apps. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus ex diam, suscipit ac fringilla nec, commodo ac dolor. Or, you've ended up dating a series of potential perfect matches, only to be disappointed.

Heather had been dating Ben for a little over two months.

One of the most popular apps, Tinder, recently reported 10,000 downloads a day.

But are these dating apps messing up the natural chemistry we’re supposed to experience.

I'm talking about the kind of burning need that you feel, the compulsive urge that tells your brain that you've got to impress this girl at any cost; the kind of impression that leaves your imprint in her mind. For starters, you've got to be well groomed; appearance plays an important role in the formation of first impression. Valentine, a martyred Roman who protected the institution of marriage during his life by secretly marrying couples, in defiance of the Emperor's ban, until he was put to death on February 14, 269 A.

Okay, you've scored a date with a sexy somebody for Saturday night, and you're terrified you're going to blow it.

If you have some talent with words, why not take a few moments and try your hand at writing a poem for your lover?