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Outlook internet calendar not updating

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If you edit a calendar date in Submittable, your third-party calendar will be updated, but the frequency depends on which calendar you use.The following calendars are supported, and any other calendars that support i Calendar feeds (or file imports) should also be able to Sync with the Submittable calendar.

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Is there a way to make Outlook work again with calendars after the upgrade?Some observers have suggested Google updates every few hours, but Google themselves quote it may take up to 12 hours, although in in exceptional cases we have seen it take as long as 48 hours.Since writing this article, Google have altered their timeframe for update from 8 hours to 12 hours - which seems to indicate it's an ongoing problem and they are not taking steps to improve the situation.Outlook can link to external, shared, calendars and copy any updates to that calendar.Like many parts of Outlook for Windows, it hasn’t changed much for many years.The ‘All Accounts’ Send/Receive group has an ‘Internet Calendars’ account to control this.

The default is to update automatically, so you don’t need to set or change this.

The event times should be checked and, if necessary, converted into the local time zone for your computer and Outlook.

Ideally, the shared calendar should have time zone details with each event, but sometimes the calendar maker doesn’t do that.

Outlook will reload this link/subscription each time you restart Outlook. If you edit any item in Outlook, those changes will NOT be reflected/saved.

"Your mileage may vary" with the ability of 3rd party applications to be able to parse the i Calendar data properly.

To add a shared calendar to Outlook for Windows, right-click on My Calendars | Add Calendar | From Internet. Copy the or webcal:// link into the field and click OK let Outlook grab the data from the Internet.