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Outlook 2016 public folder not updating

Some (rare) characters seem not to translate well to the Navigation Pane xml-file and will cause the writing or loading of it to abort.

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If no users are connected, synchronization will be triggered less often/every 24 hours.Users can access the full hierarchy of public folders in Outlook, which makes easier to access the content on it.Public folders can also be used as an archiving method for distribution groups.We have a Company Calendar that is saved in the Public Folders. Usually with new computers or users, we find the calendar from the Public Folders in the Folder List, and copy over to the calendars on the individual's computer. Typically this happens when running Outlook 2016 in cached mode with exchange or Office 365.

The easiest way to verify this is the problem is to log in to your Outlook Web Mail, if you are using Office 365 you can log in at https://portal.using your username and password.

I found that it was a problem with the TCP Auto Tuning, apparently this problem occurs if a network hardware device, such as a router, does not support TCP Window Scaling.disabled: This setting as used above uses a fixed value for tcp. highlyrestricted: This setting allows the receive window to increase beyond its default value by a small amount only normal: default value, allows the receive window to grow to accommodate most conditions experimental: This is for extreme situations only where the TCP value cuold be huge.

It is clear that something got corrupted, but it is hard to say directly what caused it.

The public folder hierarchy synchronization process uses Incremental Change Synchronization (ICS), which offers a mechanism to monitor and synchronize changes to an Exchange store hierarchy or content.

The changes may include creating, modifying, and deleting folders and messages.

When any changes with PF Hierarchy will redirect to the Master Hierarchy PF Mailbox and then it replicates to all other PF Mailboxes. As we no longer have a Public Folder Management Console, either we have to use Exchange Management Shell or Exchange Administration Center to create and manage the PF mailboxes.