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Our friendship became more balanced and I stopped feeling like a little runt that would tag along with the alpha dog.

Check out these three real reviews by guys who bought Bang... You don't try to sound stuffy or pretentious or high-fallutin'.I teach you everything to get that point, from how to approach girls, what to say to build attraction, how to get numbers that lead to dates instead of flakes, how to transition to the bedroom, and how to properly seal the deal.One Night I Had An "Epiphany" When I Knew That Game Was The Way In college, I was friends with a very good-looking guy who was a science major like myself.If you had the right tools to build AND maintain attraction, to make girls love talking to you, to have them more than willing to have vigorous romance with you, would those situations have turned out differently?Would you have been happier if things ended up more on your terms? There were certain parts that were absolutely laugh-out-loud; I read them aloud to my roommates.We were drinking downstairs when a girl came up to my friend and said he was handsome.

She was fat and ugly but she had a few friends with her, one of whom was very pretty. My friend wanted her as well but he had trouble competing and ended up talking to the ugly girl more than cuter one I was working on.

For her I imagine it was like winning one of those gigantic stuffed animals at the carnival.

We went back to their apartment and in the same room, only a few feet apart, we had vigorous romance with our girls.

He had no reason to learn because his looks were good enough... The club closed and I went with my friend to the girl's house.

Along with us was the ugly duckling who approached him in the beginning.

I accepted my hand and settled for listening to his stories instead of making my own, living vicariously through his sexual adventures. I graduated from college, discovered game, and approached like an animal, working hard to improve my interactions with women.