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Optimize online dating profile

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Such scammers try hard to gain your trust and they may also send some gifts to you in the beginning.

Check every detail properly, like their workplace, their family etc.Such people express strong emotions to you soon after you start chatting with them.They may either share some heartbreaking story of their life or may show themselves suffering from some lethal disease to gain your sympathy followed by your trust.Because they are using some morphed pictures or using someone else’s picture illegitimately. In just a few days of your friendship, they will start loving and missing you.Their every sentence will start with the words like Dear, followed by sweetheart and darlings. They will start sending you the emotional emails and messages showing their love for you and how much they miss you.The number of such websites is actually increasing day by day and so are increasing the dating scams.

Online Dating Scams are on rising these days and the scammers are really smart.

They then may ask for your other contact details like your social networking ID, your phone number, email ID and even your address.

Do not get fooled by such emotional drama and never share your contact details.

They may ask for your intimate pictures– Soon after getting a bit closer to you, they will start demanding for your intimate pictures. Do not send any of your intimate pictures to anyone you haven’t met personally.

Scammers play strong emotions- To be straight, you have to be cleverer than the scammer to identify him/her.

Keep it limited to that particular dating platform only.