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There is also some clever anticipation of kids’ interjections based on the timing of the app’s release as well as lessons from previous apps.For example, if a kid goes off topic to tell Thomas that they saw him in Marvel’s recent The Thomas app is a first for Toy Talk in a number of other ways: i Phone and Android versions will eventually follow the i Pad release, and it will be the first Toy Talk app with an in-app purchase.The app and the first episode are free, but for a yet-unspecified promotional period, each of the following five episodes are 99 cents or $3.99 for the bundle of six.“It’s in the style of the TV series–not quite as sophisticated, because when you make a child a part of the story, you have to accommodate them,” says Ganz.“But it’s still very much beginning, middle, and end, with an important message about friendship or good behavior.” (And of course usefulness, which, as every Thomas fan knows, is an incredibly important trait for a train.)The Thomas app is new territory for Toy Talk in that it is aimed at kids ages three to six, while the sweet spot for their other apps is closer to 10.The app will be released internationally, and a special UK version will be created with the British cast of the television show. With the company’s higher profile after the Hello Barbie announcement, and the attention that an innovative new Thomas product is likely to draw, Jacob says he’s prepared for parent questions and feedback about how the app works and how the data are used, information that Toy Talk has always made available. to make sure they know what the product actually does, to answer questions they might have about that.”Which is to say: Toy Talk is now actively engaged in conversations of all sorts.

Even though the EU doesn’t have equivalent laws to COPPA, Toy Talk’s consent agreement for recording and processing children’s speech will remain unchanged as a U. But the company has taken an extra step to guard against additional backlash. C., to voluntarily meet with legislators to discuss ongoing privacy concerns, particularly in the wake of a letter this month from watchdog group Electronic Privacy Information Center urging the FTC to investigate “always-on” devices such as smart TVs that record sound–a letter that included a mention of Hello Barbie, even though that is not how the doll or any of Toy Talk’s products operate.“There have been some misconceptions about the Hello Barbie product in the past couple of months,” says Jacob.

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As a partnership with Mattel, and working with the Fisher-Price Play Lab, Thomas and Friends Talk To You is the first of Toy Talk’s apps that lets kids talk to a licensed, well-known character, though the second to be announced–the first-of-its-kind interactive doll using Toy Talk’s technology, Hello Barbie, was unveiled in February, and will be available by year’s end.

The announcement of Hello Barbie brought widespread attention to Toy Talk’s work, as well as a backlash by parent groups who feared that a doll that recorded children’s speech in the cloud could violate their privacy.

“In terms of the actual interaction style, my goal there was to ramp up the complexity from very simple to a bit more challenging as the stories went on.