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Choose the type of man or dating relationship you’re most interested in. A completely new and redesigned version of the Daddyhunt App is coming out soon.

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No matter where and who they are, our members are here because of their interest in silverdaddies.A recent breakup has had a profound effect on me emotionally, I'm now doing the whole process of grieving etc; I've been feeling very lonely for the past few weeks.I'm realizing how much of that connection I am missing now, I crave it.I'm worried this might sabotage any chance I may have in the near future and I don't know what to do.I’m not sure why, I mean I like guys my age of course, but since I was like 14 I’ve always been attracted to older men, I don’t mean men in their 70’s lol (no offense), but like 35 and below, and I really like hairy men as well, it’s my weakness, and now that I’m 18 there’s no legal problem if I wanna be with a 30yo lol.Idk but I’ve always preferred older men and now that I think about it, that man could’ve been put to jail for hooking up with a minor and I would feel bad if that ever happened because I was the one who invited him over because I was curious and plus I want to test if I really do like older guys (20-30) and yep I do lol. But now that I’m 19, I’m having a hard time looking for a decent oral fun with someone older than me lol (is this also part of adulting?

)I've kept to myself since March, and my summer vacation has been very lonely since.

We will introduce new features and we will address issues that users had with the previous version. As with most apps in the sea of swipes, Daddyhunt excels when you take the time to market yourself with strong photos, other visuals that emphasize what’s in your hear to the core of what sets you apart from this years model.

Words and verbiage can illustrate anything, it’s how you present their dance to fuel the total illustration of yourself.

Club Silver offers free gay dating for silverdaddies, mature men and their younger and older admirers.

It offers picture personals and soon will offer chat and other features to help you learn about and meet silver daddy that interests you.

We are a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA).