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Nsdating ruinformatsiya

So although she still gives no convincing reason for her behaviour, she offers to use 450 EUR of her own money, so that I would only have to pay up 1.000 EUR -- what a bargain! First class forgery but unfortunately, one important detail is missing. Das Reisebüro wartet und Sie müssen alles so schnell wie möglich vorbereiten.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money. Wenn mein Flug plötzlich überholt wird, wo werde ich die Nacht verbringen? Ich kenne dich auch nicht viel, aber da ich dir vertraue, bin ich bereit, eine Chance zu ergreifen und zu dir zu kommen. Mainly the medical examination and the hotel in Moscow.Next one, a bit longer, but without photos or salutation, still: Ich wiederhole noch einmal, dass Sie nicht zu mir kommen können. Now she's asking me what she should do if her (connecting) flight (in Moscow) is "overhauled" (I think she means "cancelled") on short notice.Ich werde nur Urlaub machen, wenn ich zu dir komme. She also tells me her disdain about me not giving her money while readily inviting her to my house (which I have not done).And I indicate my disdain about her demanding money and decisions of me, but wiping away all my suggestions. (5) Ich habe dir schon oft gesagt, dass ich mich in meiner Stadt nicht treffen kann. Wenn du mich wirklich nicht verlieren willst und du es ernst meinst, dann beweise es mir. now we'll bring some "light in the Darkness" by the Pics. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Letter 12 ..... she don't want that you come to her, could mean that she's engaged and she's still on the Holidaytrip scam ..... she makes you feel guilty so that you change your mind and still send the money ......Comment: I tell her that she indeed told me that she would not be able to meet me in her city. I indicate that if there's a good reason we surely can find another solution. All Pics give tons of Hits but I'm sure we've the RPO. its the same Scam scenario but only in german language. she request 1430€, now she comes to the Point Letter 14 ..... last letter, you must make the best of a bad job now!Wenn du nicht vertraust, warum sagst du so nette Worte? She asks, why I invite her to my home, while I do not trust her? I answer (again) that I did not invite her to my home, and explain again how I would expect our first meeting to run (hotel ... And I explain that I'm pissed as well, as I would have liked to meet her.

The next four mails (of yesterday) are very short, so I will put them in one posting, commenting inline: (1) Nur eine Option für unser Treffen.

(3) Bist du nicht bereit, mir zu helfen, die Reise zu arrangieren? (4) Ich sehe keine Handlungen von dir, dass ich zu dir kommen könnte. So she shall go ahead and give me some proof of her sincerety by allowing me to meet her in Ufa.

I also indicate again that I have no proof about her real existence or about the photos being of herself.

I also asked her, how much money she would have herself to finance her journey ...

So she jumped on that after some deliberation today: Ich werde Urlaub haben, wenn ich ins Ausland gehe. Ich kann mich nicht mit dir in meinem Land treffen. Wenn Sie bereit sind, mir mit 1000 Euro zu helfen, dann kann ich eine Reise vereinbaren und zu Ihnen kommen.

Hier ist mein Bankkonto: Beneficiary Bank: VTB 24 (PJSC), Moscow, Russia SWIFT: CBGURUMM Correspondent account: 0104157391 Beneficiary: DEDIGUROVA OLGA Account(IBAN): 40817978324364010807 Ich hoffe, dass Sie mir heute helfen können. Mein Lieber, ich habe dir alle Daten gegeben, damit du Geld transferieren kannst. Ich möchte so schnell wie möglich zu Ihnen kommen und mit Ihnen zusammen sein. Now quickly off to the airport to hold my dear Olga in my arms finally ... also in both Passports is the cover identically with the same curtsy down ......