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Nick jonas dating anyone

They both performed on the American Idol finale and decided to grab a bite to eat afterward at Craig’s.

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Despite the many opportunities he has to date a variety of women — I bet he is propositioned every time he steps outside to get the mail — Jonas doesn't have a reputation as a Don Juan.Here is a list of women Jonas has reportedly dated.And, by the way, one famous brunette model is not on this list — Jonas recently confirmed he is not dating Kendall Jenner.He is either highly selective about who he dates or just supremely sweet, thoughtful, and serious, because he isn't the celeb being photographed with another woman every time the paparazzi catch him out and about.But, of course, there been women in his life, including several A-listers and other famous beauties who have had the pleasure of getting to know the musician and spending quality time with his abs (and his soul).She then wrote songs for Selena Gomez, G-Eazy and most notably the song “The Monster” for Rihanna and Eminem.

Her debut single, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” was released in March 2014. “I’m thinking about him right now, but he blocked me recently. I’m not saying that I’m sitting on my phone all day like, ‘Oh let me look at this guy who broke my heart.’ Once every four months, just to see if he got a new girl of something. I’m an old school romantic, I don’t like to just throw my heart around,” she said in a 2017 interview.

He's dreamy, talented, has abs that could save doomed civilizations, and was just named Music Curator for the Miss America competition, because no one knows what a woman wants to hear when she's scantily clad quite like he does.

Nick Jonas, 22, has come a long way since wearing a purity ring and playing third fiddle to older brothers Joe and Kevin in the Jonas Brothers.

The songwriter and singer, who will debut a new single called "Levels" at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show on Aug.

30, has found his own celebrity, and with that comes a natural interest in his dating life.

It is tough, though." Anyone else hoping these two get back together? Rumor has it Jonas' song "Wedding Bells" is about their relationship.