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Nederland nude

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If you're in the Netherlands, and have a day to spare, the Wellnessresort Elysium is well worth a day visit; you need a good few hours to get around the resort, it is the biggest and best spa I've ever been in, gr... Yes it's a busy place; yes they are renovating (and have to renovate more places). But it is a relaxing day, the saltpool is our favourite and the hamam... I was somewhat surprised to see construction worker walking around fully dressed. There were maybe 100 people in front of us at the counter. I’ve been here a few times & I have always had a relaxing time, plenty of different saunas to choose from.

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It would have been more professional to have at least let us... The facilities are mindblowingly amazing and the staff is super friendly.The Netherlands is an ideal place to go if you enjoy a trip to the beach.There are plenty of places which are ideal for family days out or trips with friends, however there is also a wide array of nudist or clothing optional beaches for those who prefer to engage in friendly social nudity when they are on a beach.Hi my wife wants me to take her to your spa as her friends have gone and they loved it.I was wondering if there is an English version of the site to make it easy for me to understand what is on offer and to book. As a man who enjoys beautiful women I have an erection quite a lot and think this would be offensive to some. Thanks Den Hi , Indeed there is no version in English of the website but with google translate it's quite understandable ...There are also some informal spots which have not been formally sanctioned by the local authorities and are not officially marked out, however, most beach users understand that these are nudist areas.

If you are in doubt, check how others on the beach are dressed.

for your concern , as a woman I wont appreciate that at all - I face this situation with one man who was...

Hi , Indeed there is no version in English of the website but with google translate it's quite understandable ...

When we arrived we needed to wait 30 minutes before we could enter, even we made a reservation in advance. Not for the faint of heart though - no bathing suits are allowed on site...

We booked the lunch buffet and heard that this was not a buffet anymore but a shared lunch. Elysium day spa is supposed to be the biggest in The Netherlands. For "hygienic reasons", of course x PI really liked going to Elysium but these days I prefer other saunas because it is not as good as it used to be.

Topless sunbathing is allowed on most beaches in the country, so feel free to sunbath like this, unless there are signs prohibiting such behavior.