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Rachel is a very submissive girl, so when I chained her collar to the wall, she... She calls herself Captured Kerry, and she got what she wanted on the last day of her Chastity Deal!

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This particular belt is even more rare as it is very small. She soon forgot about the belt (well, kind of) and she wanted to be more active and do things around the villa. The area was a lot bigger than we had expected and it had a lot of hills and strange terrain. And the awesome sweet Rachel Adams (who was of course on my promo team) decided to go with me, taking up my offer for a holiday Chastity Deal!Locked in full chastity (bra and belt), Britney curiously holds the locking Carrara mask in her hands when I approach her.Much to my surprise, she has put on a flimsy school girl outfit...A tight leather straitjacket, belts around her legs so she couldn’t get up, and a leather harness muzzle gag.This is what it takes to make Kerry a very happy girl! Kerry was doing so well during her double plug Deal!Yes, Kerry really loves tight (tight belts, tight bondage, tight everything).

She is a pure submissive and she loves to feel helpless and give away control.

I decided to make a little video because the location was so pretty! Rachel was really getting enthusiastic about being locked in her belt.

Rachel said she was getting used to the belt (and the collar was no problem at all), so she felt she really got a great deal! By now she had decided that she would definitely get her own belt when she returned to the USA.

Britney’s speech was a little funny with the tight mask, but she could still talk. Tall dancer girl Britney returns, and she is always full of confidence.

She did in chastity before, and this time I have a very special Challenge for her.

Rachel Adams was sitting on a bench in the beautiful Spanish garden near the end of her Chastity Deal holiday.