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My secretary is very accomidating

my secretary is very accomidating-20

The hardest part of my job is when one of my individuals are having a bad day that leads into a behavior. I loved my job at cds I loved helping others and making sure they go by there day as they want. Management is incompetent with a blamegame backstabbing methodology. Quality problems and dismal accounting and record keeping processes plague this unit.The best part of the job is at the end of the day I had put a smile on many faces. I loved making them happing and I enjoyed doing what they loved. there really was not any hard part of the job everyone was like family and always helped out. Have encountered many former and current CDS Monarch employees after my departure and the common theme among them is “they don’t know how to treat their employees.”My co-workers and I got alone very well.

my secretary is very accomidating-53

The most enjoyable part of my job is being able to work with people who have developmental and mental disabilities and being able to help them achieve goals they've set out for themselves.always busy bringing in new hires to complete paperwork, lots of applications to process and other paperwork run errands , work the front desk schedule appointments for back ground checks and physicals.) Heavy load of patients,lack of support from upper management.Pros Always able to get extra hours; evening shift (PMs) are laid back (more of a team effort).They lost and will continue to lose the best people .Unless they clean out the bad managers, things will not change.The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing the smile on the consumer's face everyday from the help we provided them.

This company may give good benefits but that is all they have to offer.

Training new staff on diet consistencies and dysphagia.

Ongoing training of staff at the residences and day programs on diet consistencies and dysphagia.

The hardest part of the job is sometimes dealing with management from within another department of the agency that does not have full understanding of what my department does.

The most enjoyable part of my job would be assisting my individuals with obtaining/achieving their goals and the joy it brings with each accomplishment.

Advice to Management The schedule is the biggest issue with most units.