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My mom sex chat room

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I remembered the night before and started getting horny my dick started to grow again.

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Mom could see that I was looking at it she said ‘you are still young don’t worry it will grow bigger’.It looked like an action movie it started off so cool.Then it got better all of a sudden there man and the women in the movie started to get intermit and it turned into a sex seen. My mom noticed and said ‘don’t worry this is normal, this is what a man and a women does when they in love’.My dick was so hard especially because she was holding me I could feel her boobs against me.Then she said ‘you are getting older and you will start to learn about these things.The same like what happened last night’ I was shocked I didn’t move didn’t know what to say.

‘when a man gets horny, his penis gets hard and when he gets really excited he starts to ejaculate, that’s what happened last night.’. I watched as the man and the women were completely naked and started kissing.

I was wearing my boxer only because I would get hot under the blankets and my mother was wearing her was a short nightie and just covered her undies. The movie ended and we were tired so mom said I could sleep next to her because dad wasn’t there and she didn’t want to sleep alone.

I never thought of her in a sexual way as I was still young and never thought much about girls. I was so tired also I didn’t want to get up to go to my bed. I woke up a bit later in the middle of the night and noticed that I was holding mom tight from behind because of the cold our bodies were tight together she was fast asleep.

We decided to watch movies and have pizza that night.

Because it was cold we decided to watch the movie in my parent’s room in bed.

My penis was against here ass and I started to feel something, it started to get hard.