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I find it hard to believe that it is because people are preventatively more careful or just stay home, but statistically speaking, driving is a little bit safer on Friday 13th, CVS statistician Alex Hoen told the Verzekerd insurance magazine.Between 20, CVS found that there were an average 7,800 traffic deaths on each Friday, but the average fell on Friday the 13th when there were only 7,500 deaths.

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Friday the 13th was also discussed in the popular 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code.Popular Myths and Superstitions Whether there is any merit to the superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th will remain uncertain, but that will not stop millions of people across the world from worrying about the unlucky day.Looking for single Russian women for marriage, love, and romance?However, in three out of five of the most recent Friday the 13ths, CNBC reports that major averages ended down.The North Carolina Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute also reports that between 800 and 900 million dollars are lost in the U. each year due to shoppers remaining at home or deciding not to travel.The phobia, known as friggatriskaidekaphobia, is not uncommon.

The word comes from Frigga, the name of the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named, and triskaidekaphobia, or fear of the number thirteen.

There is reportedly no written evidence of Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century, but superstitions surrounding the number 13 date back to at least 1700 BC.

In the ancient Babylon’s Code of Hammurabi, dating to about 1772 BC, the number 13 is omitted in the list of laws.

In fact, the number 13 has been considered cursed across the world for thousands of years.

The number 12 is historically considered the number of completeness, while its older cousin, 13, has been seen as an outlier.

13, 1307, however the association between Friday the 13th and bad luck is thought to be a modern interpretation of the event. Many studies have been conducted to investigate the risk of accidents on Friday the 13th.