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Ms access screen updating off

Using the embedded form was much smoother, but I had to maintain duplicate of each chart on a report which comes with it's own set of problems. If it's open in Preview mode, it's static and you probably do have to close it first.The new Report view is interactive, so you might be able to leave it open there.

The form includes a checkbox that allows you to run the test with screen updates enabled or disabled.Echo does: As a matter of fact, the reason this procedure exists at all is because the techniques used in this topic work great in Access 2002 and later, but may not work correctly in earlier versions?it may be that if you're running Access 2000 or earlier, using Application.Without the checkbox set, you will see the reports open and minimize, in design view. Echo method is simple to use, but many developers miss it, allowing their applications to appear somewhat dizzying as objects appear and disappear from the screen.The acb Show Updates method really doesn't do much besides what a direct call to Application.My users love it though; it's the only proof to them that the macro is actually working. Set Warnings False[/VBA] to turn off all of the "are you sure warnings" Be certain that you place a [VBA]Do Cmd.

Set Warnings True[/VBA] just before your End Sub (or somewhere in your code) so that the warnings are re-instated when you're done.

Any other way I tried resulted in run-time error 2451, "The report 'myreport' you entered is misspelled or refers to a report that isn't open or doesn't exist." if it is closed or run-time error 2771, "The bound or unbound object frame you tried to edit does not contain an OLE object." if it is already open.

I don't get any errors when I put it into design view. That works just fine, but I am open to it if you have them.

I've only used that a couple of times, when I wanted the look of a report with the interactivity of a form (though it is read only).

I know you can change its record source while its open.

Is there a setting or Excel equivalent of Screen Updating property within Access that I can set to disable screen updating?