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Ms access rowsource not updating

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In the Northwind sample database, the Products form has a Category ID combo.This example shows how to add a new category by typing one that does not already exist in the combo: If the combo's source table has several fields, you need a form.

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Consequently, the changed Value List is not propagated to other users.This approach is very simple, and requires no code.The example below is for a Customer ID combo on an order form.Let's ignore the fact that this doesn't work at all if the combo's Column Count is 2 or more.The real problem is that there is no relational integrity: There is no safe, reliable way for users to add items to the Value List in the form without messing up the integrity of the data.Set the combo's Inherit Value List property to Yes.

Now Access ignores the Row Source list in the form, and uses the list from the table instead.

What about storing the value list in the table instead of the form?

Access 2007 and later can do that, but again it's unusable. Some developers hate the idea of a combo in a table anyway.

If you set this to Yes, you can right-click the combo and choose Edit List Items in the shortcut menu.

Access opens a dialog where you can add items, remove items, or edit the items in the list.

When filling out an order, you can right-click the combo to add a new customer.