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He has been on the Board of Directors as a Youth Representative and as the Treasurer.

He has also served as the Vice President on the Minnesota USA Boxing Board and was responsible for organizing state USA and regional championship tournaments which lead to national and international competition and a doorway for Olympic hopefuls.She became involved at the Circle of Discipline when she signed her son up for programming 25 years ago.She has done community work with Weed and Seed in the Phillips and Central neighborhood.He continues to fight the never-ending political battle that has existed since his involvement with the Circle for over 15 years.Nathaniel “Kid” Haile has been affiliated with the Circle from it’s inception in 1991 as an amateur boxer.Sankara is a native of Minneapolis with family dating back to the 1800's in the state of Minnesota.

He has well over 30 years of community service, starting with the Southside Youth Neighborhood Organization (SYNO), which he and three colleagues started in the mid-70's focusing on various community projects and family development.

Currently, Kid is coach of the amateur boxing team at the Circle of Discipline and is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Circle facility.

Jamal James has been a part of the Circle of Discipline since he was five years old. D., Jamal is also a prominent professional welterweight boxer who ranks highly in the World Boxing Association, has had numerous televised boxing matches, and is very close to challenging for a world title championship match.

She has served two terms on the CANDO (Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization) Board of Directors.

She was the Chief of Officials for USA Boxing Local Boxing Association Minnesota for eight years.

In the late-80's he managed youth programs at Bernadette's Teen Club in the Uptown YWCA, which included after-school tutoring, aerobics, cultural activities, sports and weekend social events. His involvement in boxing dates back to amateur boxing as a child, boxing for the Pillsbury House and the Phyllis Wheatley Center coached by Eddie Lacey, Danny Davis ,as well as his father, the late Bishop Stanley Neil Frazier (Church of God in Christ) and later at the Lake Street Gym and 7th Street Gym under Bob Porter and Gilbert Mitchell, Sr.