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Movie of managment going dating employee

(You can also take note of who doesn’t show up, and then go over their expense report more carefully after their next business trip to make sure they read and understood company policy.) If you want to help travelers follow policy and save the company money, create travel incentive programs.Employees understand the logic behind not overspending on a budget, but spending less than the budget doesn’t carry the same weight of consequence. Where is it OK for employees to cut corners and where can they indulge a bit with a client?

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Making sure the expense approval and reimbursement process goes quickly and smoothly helps keep company morale high and motivates your employees to execute their jobs efficiently.Nobody is perfect; that’s why the IRS invented audits.Follow their example and conduct regular audits of your employees’ expense reports, keeping in mind the triangle of fraud (need, opportunity, ability to rationalize the action).They needed an easy way to recognize employees across multiple segments of their workforce.After implementing Fond, CSD’s engagement scores jumped to over 70%. Our previous article discussed how to organize and manage expenses as a business traveler.

In the corporate landscape, however, the traveler is only part of the equation.

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After administering an employee engagement survey, CSD found that only 30% of their employees felt recognized at work.

You’ll never know what fell through the cracks until you shine the light and see what’s down there.

Have a quick turnaround for travel expense reimbursement.

Gamification is an opportunity for good-natured competition and camaraderie, bringing together your employees as they reap the rewards of their frugalness while also working toward a common goal. Part of this responsibility lies with your travel management company, but don’t wait around for other people to make suggestions.