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Morgan man dating younger women

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Summer Monteys-Fullam is the girlfriend of Bake Off’s Paul Hollywood and people aren’t happy about it. Because, in a classic iteration of the ‘older man meets younger woman and leaves his wife’ genre, she is 22 and he is 52, making him 30 years her senior.The tabloid press has unearthed a now deleted Instagram post from Monteys-Fullam’s account in which she thanks her ‘amazing boyfriend’ Hollywood.

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The mythologising of older men is at once frustrating and intriguing in equal measure: they’re often referred to as ‘silver foxes’ and ‘dad or shags’.Maybe that’s one of those indecipherable cutesy private couple jokes or, perhaps, she really does mean that he has, quite literally, turned her into a fully-fledged house wife, we’ll never know.Either way, she is certainly not unhappy and her Instagram post is testament to that.It is well documented that he had previously cheated on her with his US Bake Off co-star Marcela Valladolid.Hollywood is alleged to have met Summer while she was working in a pub where, wait for it, his wife was celebrating her birthday.So, what is it about the Hollywood scenario that has irked people so much?

The cliché of a midlife crisis aged man buying a sports car and/or courting younger women certainly betrays a serious lack of original thought.

The older man/younger woman conundrum may be hackneyed, cringeworthy and, even, seem unsavoury (sorry), but, it is worth noting that often, as in this case, it involves two consenting adults.

Your ick-ometer might go wild as you read about how Hollywood scoped Summer out while at a party with his wife, there is no law against dating somebody younger than you.

On social media, the whole thing was described as ‘grim’ by one user, another said ‘the power imbalance’ of Hollywood and Monteys-Fullam’s relationship was ‘seriously gross’ and somebody else wrote ‘OMG this is peak dating one of your dad’s friends from the cycling club’.

You may dislike Hollywood because he followed the Bake Off money to Channel 4 as opposed to ‘doing the right thing’ along with his original co-stars but he hasn’t actually done anything wrong here, not legally anyway.

“You have turned me from a girl to a woman’ she wrote, before adding ‘and to a house woman’ which she then punctuated with a laughing emoji.