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A mental health professional may give you questionnaires to fill out if they believe anxiety, depression, or another mental health condition is causing your ED.These questionnaires allow them to discern whether or not you have all of the indications of a mental disorder.

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Your urologist may also ask about any diuretics you’re taking or about your caffeine and alcohol consumption. Your urologist may recommend changing a medication that acts as a diuretic (increases urine production) or drinking fewer diuretic liquids (such as coffee) if they may be causing your ED. Blood tests can help determine whether your hormone levels are abnormal.If you have a mental health condition, you may be prescribed medication to control the symptoms.This can also help you to get your ED under control.Always remember to use appropriate language in the chat room.i am a kenyan african woman, single, hardworking, loving, caring, down to earth, honest and i have a heart of gold i am average, and i have anatural look, i am not very tall, and i always dress according to occasion i I'm ute richter...ED has many potential causes, so you may need a comprehensive physical examination to diagnose it.

The first steps to diagnosing ED are usually straightforward.

They may recommend lifestyle or personal changes that will help address your ED and the mental health issues that may be at the root of it.

To help determine the cause of ED, your doctor may ask about your medical and sexual history. Details about your past may provide important clues to the cause of your ED.

But the best place to start is always your primary care doctor.

Your doctor should be your first stop for ED diagnosis.

A therapist can also help you work through psychological issues during ED treatment.