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Username can only contain letters and numbers and must be unique, ie not used by anyone else.After becoming acquainted with the "Terms of Service", consenting with them and clicking on "Sign Up", an e-mail will be sent to the User email address containing two links - one to complete the registration process and the second to activate the paid service right away.

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Europen operator of Matvil Corporation is Anyflex LTD, registered in Larnaca, Cyprus.We are proud to say that we have eliminated one of the most common problems internet users are facing today; sign up for an internet service and realize that to use it you need to upgrade your internet, computer and get a hundred little accessories.To avoid that we are offering FREE trial access to our archives for 1 day during which our clients make sure their internet and computer are compatible with our services.Nevertheless, we continue the search for new opportunities to enhance our customers’ experience on e TVnet is set apart not simply by the variety and quality of our content, but by attention to our customers’ needs and wants!During this period, the User can watch movies in the "free cinema", as well as some other movies and programs provided free of charge.

Access to all programs and movies is available only to our regular viewers. In order to become a regular viewer the User needs to click on the link "Become a regular viewer and get 3 days free trial", choose a tariff plan and select a payment method.

Activation of any of these links is the final step of registration process.

To register, go to registration page If the confirmation email did not come within half an hour, check the junk mail folder (spam, junk e-mail), if the letter is not there, please contact customer support. Immediately after registration the User receives free trial period for unlimited time.

We have a constant dialog between us and our customers.

Whether they talk to us directly over the phone or indirectly through their comments about a movie, we always listen.

As our subscriber, you can watch at any time convenient for you movies and documentaries, series, sport programs and talk shows, cartoons and programs for children, concerts and music videos - from the most recent ones shown on Russian television to old archive records.