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Mel 123 mobile dating

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She is quick to find flaws in others, Joe in particular, and gets irritated when people muscle in on her territory (though she herself is quick to get involved in other people's business).

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Mel is a former wild-child turned city council woman.As the series goes on, we see Mel become more protective of Joe, putting their friendship first over any other conflicting interests and going to great lengths to spare his feelings when they're about to be hurt by a third party.She sometimes even gets a little jealous of his girlfriends.Still, despite all his faults, Mel does look to him (often grudgingly) for help and advice, particularly when it comes to her relationship-of-the-week.She also acknowledges his good influence on the kids and his ability to efficiently run the household, though she has never admitted this to him in person.It's clear that Mel is attracted to Joe and vice versa, but for whatever reason the two of them remain firmly in denial.

In the season one finale, both of them seemed to be contemplating the prospect of taking their relationship to a new level once Joe moves out of the house, but after a hasty kiss and an abrupt change in Joe's living and money arrangements, both of them acknowledge that 'it would be kinda weird.' In season two, its back to the status quo though the viewer will notice that they've grown more affectionate with one another.

She is a natural flirt and has a witty sense of humor.

She can, however, be overly critical, and picky, especially when it comes to men.

Despite this, Mel doesn't come across as overly vain or arrogant.

Instead, she appears highly confident and spontaneous.

When her sister ends up in prison and her brother-in-law flees after a multi-million dollar scandal hits his company, Mel takes custody of her teenaged niece and nephew.