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Matt dallas and april matson dating

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After a nice long hug we let go and walked to go get her luggage, hand in hand.“You know, I used to be afraid of flying.” “Really?

Check out what the show's leads are up to now, a decade later.Of course there were no colored folk pushing a group of carts for wheeling the luggage around.So as usual, I have to sit there being pissed off and wait for her to arrive…The cast of Summer Camp - 2010 includes: Al Calderon as Matt Tanya Clarke as Deirdre matson Kara Crane as Alyssa Beam Chase Ellison as Derek Matson Cheyenne Haynes as Charisse Parker Mc Kenna Posey as Kerry Connor Price as Eddy Logan Stephen Snedden as David Matson Hailee Steinfeld as Shayna Matson Jessie Usher as R. Anne Winters as Beth Sheesh, don't you people ever read questions from other people?there must be like a million versions of this question out there. hottie Matt Dallas was the special guest at Fancast‘s live chat on Monday afternoon, promoting the third season to his hit TV Show.

The 26-year-old actor answered fans questions about the show and what they should expect in the new season of . On his friendship with co-star April Matson: All of the cast members hit it off right away.

I bet you don’t stud.” I mean, hey, Val was digging me in a big, big way and Larisa let her play with me…

“There are my bags,” she said, nodding at the matching triplets that were coming out of the small dark room.


, which turned 10 years old last month, showed us what it really meant to be "human," since Kyle had to basically relearn all human emotions.

Also, he is afraid that it might be too much for her and that she will not love him if she knew all of his secrets.