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We want you to immerse yourself in learning in the same way you should immerse yourself in a role and so we’ve created a comprehensive process that can, in the individual units, address the specific acting muscles and expand your methodology, or collectively become an all-embracing acting training.Choose to grow as professional actor with our Method Intensive, Voice & Movement, Audition and Self Taping Technique classes.

Our weekly workshops are both technical and creative, offering vital and visceral insights into the importance of voice and movement on an actor’s craft.Payment for the year-long course is a big step and we do require you take an intensive method month with us first to assess if we will be a good match.All you need to do is pick up a phone and have a more detailed discussion with us on how to take it to the next stage.Combining the best of the best into a flexible package that works for you, this year-long course offers 4 months of the Method Acting Intensive and 4 months of Voice & Movement training, in one easy payment plan.By giving yourself time off between each unit to breath, recover and digest, you can return to the next class better equipped and ready to absorb, build and improve upon the previous lessons. The depth of the complimentary approaches, opinions, and techniques empowers your craft and technique, in front of the camera or on stage.Now we’re on the other side I really enjoyed it, it has unlocked something quiet special.

Yesterday I had my first day on set of the new BBC series and because of what I’ve learnt so far from the class, I was able to be there, present and playful.

You could not get the same out of a course that wasn’t this direct and deliberately intense.

This course will expand you as an actor and as a person.

The ongoing unit of classes, with the spaces between to go away and digests and practice, will evolve your capabilities and creative technique to such a point that your acting will become far more instinctual and creative.

It is these abilities alongside your craft and technique that can unlock and more importantly sustain an acting career.

To build upon your potential and engage each opportunity as it presents itself, both professionally and creatively.