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Marques houston dating

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Houston during this tragic time," a Capitol Records spokesperson said.

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The Los Angeles native, born Houston Summers IV, was overseas for a series of performances when the incident occurred.After becoming a devoted Jehovah’s witness last year, the actor, singer, and producer has found a potential wife with his mentor Chris Stokes’ “play daughter” Miya.Chris posted up the couple on his Instagram page, praising their union.He scored a hit last year with "I Like That," which featured Chingy and Nate Dogg and was used in a Mc Donald's commercial (see "Houston Scores Club Hit With Help From Chingy, Nate Dogg").His debut album, It's Already Written, was certified gold a month after its release in August."Fame will make you crazy," Bill said in a statement. There are people who have a fear of fame, those who want fame, and those who don't understand fame.

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Part of his healing is bringing to light the horrible events with Stokes that have haunted him since they occurred.

His mission with this phone call was to alert the Houston family that Marques and Omarion were most likely victim’s as well: (excerpt) Raz B: It all started with Chris Stokes. Marques Houston’s Sister: Did he touch everybody, or was it just you?

I blocked that shit and I wasn’t with it – I backed out … And yet, I took my brother [Raz B] over to Chris, and I didn’t protect him like I should have.” “[Chris Stokes] molested my brother [Raz B] and he molested me …

when I say that, it hurts.” Later on in the video, Ricky Romance calls Chris Stokes who seems to admit to the allegations: “I don’t do that anymore, That was me years ago …

Previously we reported that the 37-year-old hooked up with Miya and they connected in the name of Jehovah.