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Their son, John Hendry, told uk: I will leave you to do the calculations!I do know that if it had not been for the war they would never have met as they came from very different backgrounds, with her coming from a working class family in Birmingham and he from a well to do middle class family in Glasgow.

Bigamy Some QAs were not as lucky in love as Hilda Ward.Mary had to had his effects over, after taking out her love letters o him.She later learnt that he had also become engaged to a French woman.Sadly she died in 1960 when I was only 6 and my father remarried.My father passed away in 1992 and we never really talked about my Mum so I know very little of her.» Find Friends - Search Old Service and Genealogy Records » History » QAIMNS for India » QAIMNS First World War » Territorial Force Nursing Service TFNS » WW1 Soldiers Medical Records » Field Ambulance No.4 » The Battle of Arras 1917 » The German Advance » Warlencourt Casualty Clearing Station World War One » NO 32 CCS Brandhoek - The Battle of Passchendaele » Chain of Evacuation of Wounded Soldiers » Allied Advance - Hundred Days Offensive » Life After War » Auxiliary Hospitals » War Graves Nurses Hilda Ward QAIMNS A bit of background about Hilda Ward QAIMNS: Hilda Ward was born in 1882.

She was the youngest child of a well to do father who was the Managing Director of Stead and Simpson in Leicester.

After the war Sister Sharpe stayed in the forces and was posted to India.

It was because of his feelings for her that Lt Col Reid decided to stay in the Army and follow her.

Nurses in the Second World War also found romance with soldiers.

For example Betty C Parkin was a member of the QAIMNS(R) serving in a military hospital in Cairo when an engineer officer called Stanley of the recovery unit came to her ward.

They fell in love and despite his dangerous job of going into minefields and battlefields such as the battle of El Alamein to retrieve weapons and vehicles for salvaging and burying the dead and her frequent postings to other field hospitals and hospital ships around the world they married, served out the war and had two beautiful daughters before his sad and untimely death from an illness caught in the desert.