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Lonely wives dating australia

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Paul says he has been reasonably successful combatting his loneliness but was initially devastated by how he felt just after losing his wife.

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Paul has many online girlfriends in Thailand mostly younger women although quite a few are middle aged.It's not that I'm a miser but it just didn't feel right and at my age it's not so easy to find a dating partner. The only thing, I know I may be lonely and I have limited means but I don't have any money worries, you see.' Paul's first experience with Thai dating site didn't make things much better.Paul ended up losing nearly Stg 2,000 to an internet scammer who said she needed the money to secure a visa and pay for a plane ticket.However, while it is often stories about older and more senior men and women that capture the public's imagination, loneliness is by no means limited to this age group.In the United Kingdom a charity called Silverline runs a programme whereby younger people telephone older seniors once a week.In 2010, Paul joined Thai Love, Thailand's popular dating site with the idea that he would like to meet some friends from the opposite sex. Like it was only something I'd seen on the Sunday papers.

I wasn't sure I would ever go, my friends were laughing at me, it's only now that I'm off to Thailand.' Paul will spend four weeks in Thailand in February 2016. The idea for joining the dating website in Thailand was that I thought maybe I could find someone, I did think my wife would want me to, you see, find a new partner.

'I just like to chat and see photos, there are maybe three or four that I have got to know quite well and that is why I am going on my holiday to Thailand next year.

I'm a bit excited by it now.' Paul tells us his life has become comfortable and he doesn't feel as lonely.

One of those seniors is Paul Dunphy, 62 years of age, originally from Ireland but living in Derby.

Paul's wife died eight years ago and he receives a regular number of phone calls and visitors as part of two different programmes within the community.

She is cautious about older men seeking Thai girlfriends and Thai wives.