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" Of course every individual is different and only he can tell you what was going on in his own head, but for me, I was in denial.


Scenes are recorded and uploaded to be enjoyed after the show has ended so non-subscribers can watch.Flash forward 15 years at which point I am again viewing tranny and gay porn, and not thinking anything of it, as much straight porn was simply no longer exciting.Then I came across a journal I had been keeping before meeting my wife that mentioned the possibility of being bisexual and something clicked in my head and I realized that I am bisexual.You have found something out that to most women would make them want to run.It will take time for him to open up further to you, don't push but show him that your love for him hasn't changed and try to keep communication open.There are far more accepting women then one might expect, now to figure out what this means to you.

I hope this helps you some and please ask if you have any questions.

There are alot of couples there who have been through the same things you are now going through.

From your husbands veiw point as with most men, they could never dream of there picture perfect wife ever accepting the bisexual side of them.

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