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Live bookmarks not updating

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While it’s a more basic bookmark syncing service than the others here, you are quite likely to already have a Google account so can start using Bookmarks straight away.

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Firefox users have additional options to restore previous bookmark sets, enable/disable site info/tags/history or use your own server.A useful option when you signup for an Xmarks account is you can use Last Pass account details to sign in.If you don’t use Last Pass, create a new account through the website or the extension.If you create or delete a bookmark in one browser, that change will not be reflected in the others.Many modern browsers do have a profile backup and sync option built in, but it’s only available between browsers of the same type.After logging into the extension via the wizard, Xmarks will offer to merge the bookmarks in your browser with any stored on the server.

The sync option can be changed to overwrite the current bookmarks from the server and overwrite the bookmarks on the server with those in the browser.

The tools button has some useful options to find duplicate bookmarks, find empty folders or import/export . All bookmarks are backed up during certain actions (like initial sync) and can be restored at any time. Google Bookmarks The Google Bookmarks feature is relatively unknown compared to most of Google’s other online services.

In fact, it’s been available for over a decade but has never been that well advertised or supported.

This helps to keep your bookmarks more organized and available whatever computer you are on.1.

Xmarks Xmarks used to be called Foxmarks and is these days owned by the popular online password manager Last Pass.

The default option is to sync the bookmarks every 30 minutes although you can manually sync at any time via the extension.