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Leonardo dicaprio dating blake lively

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Back in her Di Caprio days, though, Lively had a different photo-sharing routine.

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We know what we had; we were very young, and we grew together in a lot of ways.Hollywood bachelor Leonardo Di Caprio has dated and broken up with some of the most beautiful women in the world.With acting chops, Hollywood looks, and lots of famous friends, he has been on the relationship market for some time, and stories about dating Leonardo Di Caprio are varied and legendary.This time, they were snapped on an eco-friendly romantic bike ride in New York City.August 30, 2011: Blake is clearly willing to go the distance (literally) for her love and jets Down Under to visit Leo on set in Sydney.Instagram was around at the time, but not as widely used as it is now.

As Safran said, Lively "was documenting her life in photographs in a way that people were not yet doing." 's sources, the couple would "hook up and go to each other's houses every night." The sources said Rihanna had originally ended their relationship because he wouldn't commit, but was holding out hope.

Camila Morrone: Di Caprio and Morrone, a 22-year-old American-Argentine actress, have been dating for 18 months, with reports suggesting things are getting "pretty serious" between the pair.

Morrone has reportedly met Di Caprio's parents and the couple has discussed getting engaged.

But even though he's done some cool things, not all of Di Caprio's exes have nice things to say about the actor.

If you've ever pined after Di Caprio (or his famed persona, Jack Dawson), you may have wondered what it would be like to date him.

We thought Blake Lively might be the one to tame Leonardo Di Caprio's single-guy ways, but it looks like this summer love couldn't stand the changing seasons.