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Knox dating fedora hat

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was in business early as noted in the 1904 Business Directory but was not present by 1937 located on 133-135 N Patterson St.Finely woven straw sailor’s hat with beige gross grain ribbon and green embroidered X’s or Diamonds with hat pin hat has indention and flat top Has inner stamp on silk sweatband Lining: None Crown: 12 ½ in Brim: 2 in Sweatband: silk cut on bias and lined Tags/ Stamps: “Made exclusively for CC Varnadoe” stamped onto silk bias sweatband in brown ink, and Leighton Fifth Avenue also stamped with brown ink to silk sweatband, Made in Ecuador glue in tag Size: 22 ½ This fine straw hat with turned down brim in front and green softly pleated crepe scarf band is decorated with 4 large clusters of green glass beads and silk stems.

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Again this hat belonged to Kitty Oliver Collection and is tan netting with a tan velvet bow & a comb under the bow for security. Since we know it could not have been made after 1936 because the store was no longer in existence, we can date this hat circa 1920’s. Though this hat is still be in style today, the newsboy hat was in full fashion in the 20’s.This section contains hats archived in the museum which are part of daily costume. Winston Carlyle Mc Key and his wife can be found in Men’s Clothing on our collection textiles section of our web site. He worked in Paine Hardware Store in Valdosta in the 1920 Census and the 1923 City Directory lists the address as 135 N. Andrews” Tag: BP Golf Ltd made in Scotland Circa 1960- 1970 Note: This cap was probably worn by Louie Peeples White Her hat made of folded pleated polyester,w/black faux fur band Brim: None, Tag: “Gene Kittrell/Cain Sloan Co.” Lining: green inner lining with gross grain sweatband Crown: 3 ½” H Note: This hat belonged to Louie Peeples White His hat Hat maker: “By Appointment to her majesty the queen hatters Herbert Johnson (Bond Street) LTD.Most of the hats associated with organizations, military, law enforcement, firemen hats, or football helmets will be found under the specific classification under collections/textiles. Inside maker says Jones, Parnelle, Lee & Company Savannah, GA. Trimmed with a ½” wide grosgrain black band with a bow on the side. In dating this hat, business directories for Savannah were consulted. 38 New Bond Street London W.”, 1 ½” wide self-fabric band Brim: 2 ½” slightly turned up, 2 ½” Crown: 4 7/8” h Note: This hat belonged to Arthur White The man’s hat above looks more grey than the woman’s hat in this photo; however, in real light they are the same color. The cream colored felted beaver silk is enhanced by plums of cream colored ostrich feathers and a large beaded pearl broach.03a In del Rogia Ladies’ Hats Atlanta hat box -03a a brown netting with a brown velvet bow, -03b,off white netting with grosgrain and off white chiffon double bow, -03c off white netting with velvet white bow, and a -03d Navy blue netting with grosgrain navy blue bow.

The del Rogia Ladies’ Hats Atlanta” hatbox-03e, is round, with a white top decorated with a red band.

Black quilted synthetic fabric beret with black grosgrain band to finish edge The Monday, July 8, 1957, Valdosta Daily Times was used to stuff hat Lining: deteriorated, but was cotton, no tags nor stamps visible Date: 1957 or prior: dated for newspaper used to stuff Brim-1 3/4″ quilted wool tartan Band also of wool tartan with fabric belt buckle Label: Made in Great Britain,, Woven in Scotland Lochcarron, 100% wool Circa 1960s Note: that this man’s cap belonged to Arthur White and matches the cap below.

In the 1953 City Directory, Travers was the owner in the same location. The museum is still searching for an acquisition on this hat.

Large brimed hats such as cartwheel and picture hats were popular in the 1930’s since this has a Consumer Protection Label it would be dated late 30’s. Liberty St.” Mink band of 3 3/8”, Crown: indented felt, Russian style Band: felt band and bow are made to overlap the front left side, Sweatband: grosgrain ribbon 19” circumference inside Circa: 1940-1950, dated for style Crown: Mink 4″ wide with finished edge of a satin band- 7/8” wide, Lined: in brown satin Sweatband: brown grosgrain ribbon 22” inside measurement around Tag: Sewn in ribbon “Dece Original” Circa 1940-1950s Decorated on one side with black straw 11″ tall front with branches and glued black beads Front with black netting Crown 13 ½ Front to back 9 ½” Lined Sweatband: black grossgrain ribbon Tag: None Circa 1940-1950Decorated w/large round poof of straight feathers to back and netting in black in front, Shaped edge Tag: “Burger-Phillips, Birmingham, AL,”, “Dorothy of California” and stamped: Midi imported velour body, Made in France Black hat pin w/velour square Unlined Circa:1950s-60s Little brimless velvet hat with off white velvet trim.

Black velvet tall hat Lined Crown: 5” tall in front 4 ¼” in back Label: Duby hats, New York Brim close upturned 1 ¾”front -1/4”back, Hat band: gross ribbon 2”with upper ¼” gross grain ribbon of same color to “finish” edge of hatband with bow in back Sweatband : grossgrain Tag: Union made tag JC 388077 Misscoloring “bleaching” on one side of upturn due to hairspray or alcohol in perfume Circa: 1930-1940, dated due to style, lined and Union tag Woven in a plain weave on form Lined Brim 1 ¾” wide Decorated with velvet white small flowers, silk leaves and beige flowers around the brim , Dimensions from side to side 11” Circa 40/ 50’-, resembles “bonnet ” style which briefly reappeared in the 40’s (This bonnet was found by Dixie Lee Howler in her historic home in Jasper, Florida. The Olivers were well known in Valdosta for their Southern Stationary and Printing Store located downtown on 311 N. Decoration: circular brouche in 2 rows of rhinestones, brown netting Stamp: Imported body, Made in France, Tag:size 22 MSC, Measurement: approximated 12” across ear-to-ear Date: circa 1950s Decoration: Allover glued on green feathers, green netting blush bow with green velvet bow and rhinestone, Crown finished with green velvet Tag: “Kutz” Crown: Height approx 3” Brim: None Inside measurement 22” Circa: 1950Decorated with black velvet squares netting , two hat pins one of velvet square hat pin and one black rounded hat pin Brim: is black velvet rises slightly in front Tag: Kayser-Lilienthal Inc the Shop of Original style Columbus, Ga, 11” ear-to-ear Lining: none Circa 1940-1950s Construction resembles a bonnet Length 7 ½” long, front width 12” across Hat top is made of brown and tan ¼ in velvet ribbon formed into triangles on the sides of the hat and secured in back with double velvet bow. Size 22 Tag says “Original Brandt Paris New York” Circa: 1950Brim: Small Rolled 1” in front, 7/8” in back Decoration: little beige paper flowers, light brown velvet beige netting, brown velvet tails in back Lining: None Size: 22 Crown: 9” tall Tag: None Circa 1950Lining: None Decoration: Small white bow in front Tag:none Crown measurement: ear-to-ear 13 ½” Probably worn to protect styled hair when sleeping or windy outside Circa: 70’s -80’s Chain stitch serged on inside seam In Kirven’s box (store located in Quitman, Ga): Small hat Decoration: white or beige flowers Crown: 11 ¼ Brim: 1 inch turned down Inside: 19 ¼ Poor Condition (Curator’s note this hat has been badly discolored due to the glue used for attaching the flowers) Crica: 1950s From the Kitty Oliver Collection, this lovely little netted hat would enhance a bouffant hair style floating over it without crushing it.

Her father was the auditor of the Daniel Ashley Hotel which still stands in Valdosta, and the business manager of the Frank Bird Hospital, which is being renovated by the Lowndes County Historical Society for expansion of the museum.