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Kermit interspecies dating

Jimmy supported the idea that Miss Piggy be the next star of appearance.

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MCKENZIE: He started reciting every single night except for Steven and Alice. TY BURREL, WORKED WITH MISS PIGGY: She quit in Iowa about as fast as her stubby legs can take her. LARRY KING, THE LARRY KING LIVE: For a bacon product. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All the while, Kermit keeps his reputation and worked free. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But then he messes handled by high powered attorney. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are going to be here awhile. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tina Fey ignores that warning working intimately with Kermit on Muppets Most Wanted. YODA, STAR WARS CHARACTER: Feel the force around you. MISS PIGGY: And perhaps I was a little (inaudible)."I basically do whatever it is you do here, only better and in high heels," she bragged.MORE: Everyone Is Losing Their Mind Over Kermit's New Girlfriend Kermit recently opened up to ET about his breakup, and what led to his split from Miss Piggy."It's an interesting thing that happens sometimes -- you're with someone for years, and you suddenly discover that you have gone in two different directions," he explained. Jimmy supported the idea that Miss Piggy be the next star of appearance."And when you're a frog and a pig, those directions can be extreme."" data-reactid="17", Kermit opened up about his new, younger girlfriend Denise, while Miss Piggy admitted to playing the field a bit. When they started talking about their dating lives, Miss Piggy admitted that she's upped her standards and now she'd never date someone with webbed feet.Letting the next generation pick it up, pick up that fortune and moving on and advance it. I thought maybe I would get a chance to do a cameo on a Muppets movie. Kermit is a national icon, you know, there's Mickey Mouse, there's Santa Clause and there's Kermit the Frog. KERMIT THE FROG: It's strange -- I mean I should as Constantine but I really don't see the resemblance at all.

But somehow it had ended up that I wrote it and helped it to get made that meant a lot to me.

Return to Transcripts main page CNN SPOTLIGHT CNN Spotlight: The Muppets Aired May 23, 2014 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But you're all right for Kermit? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People on earth, do not be alarmed. KERMIT THE FROG: It feels wonderful to have another movie on the big screen. KERMIT THE FROG: It's been allow since Piggy and I have been on big screens. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Disney is now in charge and it taps Muppet fanboy Jason Segel to reboot the franchise. NIA LONG, ACTRESS: Miss Piggy is everything like I lover her. KERMIT THE FROG: Come on everybody strike up the band.

THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he was very jealous of how close Kermit and Tina Fey became. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: With rocketing product cost proved challenging. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't want this moment to end. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I've got everything that I need. Sequel, that's what we do in Hollywood and everybody knows that rules (ph) never quite as good.

I want to live in this romantic tension with them for the rest of our lives. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Coming up, the man behind the Muppets. You know, that's one of the weird things that Muppets seems to do which is bring parents and kids together because parents genuinely find it funny.

BURREL: Stepping on the Waldorf, I don't remember what it was that they said but they made my dad laugh.

FEY: They are the greatest will they won't they of all time. MISS PIGGY: I really don't know who the Jim person is. KERMIT THE FROG: Well, he's the guy who taught me how to make movies. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As a college freshman at the University of Maryland, Henson creates a puppet show for local NBC station as a way into the TV business. BRIAN JAY JONES, AUTHOR, JIM HENSON: THE BIOGRAPHY: He wasn't convinced this was something a grown man should be doing for a living. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Within a few years, he hires fellow puppeteer Frank Oz and their work starts getting national attention on programs like the Jimmy Dean Show. JONES: He really wanted TV to be relevant and to matter. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Henson's pleased to see the response children have to Sesame Street. FURLONG: The reason is, they wanted to play in a different format.