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K9 dating photos

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It means honing your craft, finding community, and changing the world through photography.K9za is a community for animal lovers focused on helping people to meet others who share their enjoyment and love of their pets.

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Signup for free and browse through our many profiles of fellow pet owners and animal lovers...Private information is gathered from free trial members and regular members.PUBLIC INFORMATION is personal information that may be displayed on the site, such as gender, age and height, but cannot be linked to a particular user.K9 Dating utilizes a third party service provider for credit card processing to facilitate the user's transaction and the service provider does not use personal information provided by the site for its own promotional purposes.All other private information submitted by the user is confidential and will not be disclosed except as required by law or to protect members of K9 Dating .K9 Dating's registration form requires users to provide contact information such as an email address and demographic information (such as zip code, age, or sexual preferences).

K9 Dating also occasionally runs contests and conducts online surveys that ask visitors for contact information such as name and email address and demographic information such as zip code, age, or any other stuff.

We may use a user's email or street address to send news regarding our site or offers we feel appropriate to our members but the user may choose not to receive email of this type by indicating upon joining up to not receive such mail or later at any time through our unsubscribe methods or by modifying their account information.

Any sharing of email or street addresses with third party marketers is done only with the permission of the user by giving consent on signup or by changing their email setting preferences at a later date.

People attending K9 Dating events can be included in photos and images taken of such events and used in ads or press releases about our service.

Posting images or attending K9 Dating events constitutes agreement with the fair use of the images involved.

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