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When you do meet someone you want to have a lusty fling with, hold on to your intention that this is about having fun and re-engaging with your sexual self.Don’t be afraid to ask questions or tell your partner what you’d like to try, which techniques feel good or what makes you uncomfortable.

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Mateen emphasises that underage users can interact only with one another.Once Mateen and his cofounders realised there was an appetite for easy-access smartphone dating in the US, they set their sights farther afield and within six months had translated the app into 24 languages.The company has declined to release the number of accounts worldwide, but it claims that in some countries, such as the Netherlands, 10 per cent of the population is using Tinder.She was dismayed when the man who came up and introduced himself was at least a foot shorter than her. After looking at up to six photographs, you have to choose whether to swipe right, for yes, or left, for no. Justin Mateen, the 27-year-old Californian who cofounded the company, says Tinder helps people overcome the “physical and emotional barriers” they are often faced with when meeting new people.If two users swipe right for each other they’re matched and invited to begin a conversation. As the app’s tagline puts it: “Tinder is how people meet.Research carried out by Ok Cupid, for example, found that men over the age of 55 sent more than half of their dating messages to women at least eight years their junior.

This isn’t to say people should only date in their own age group. There are websites that have been specifically set up for this purpose, but I would approach them with caution and cynicism.

Since returning from her travels she had found it difficult to meet people. She felt reassured once her male suitor confirmed he was also 6ft tall. People can be great at banter in text messages, but then you meet them face to face and they’re like crickets.” Lisa is part of the 6 per cent of Irish people who use Tinder, according to the US company behind the free i Phone and Android app, which uses Facebook photographs and details to match you with someone in your area.

“Generally when I go out I wear heels, and I’m always the tallest,” says the 26-year-old, who confidently arrived at the pub in Cork that evening to meet her online match. Using it is a like using the Hot or Not app, and it can be addictive.

“I use Tinder on a daily basis to form both friendships and romantic relationships,” he says, adding that Tinder can even be used to develop ties with distant family members. “If people are using it to make friends they’re definitely lying to themselves.” Ó Sé, who signed up four months ago, calls the app vain and one-dimensional.

“You walk into a busy bar in Dublin, scan the room and make your judgment in the first 30 seconds of who you would like to approach,” he says.

“Facebook is great with data, and their ability to detect a user’s age,” he says.