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Jason statham dating

So, Jason Statham was in the ad campaign of clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger.It happened that the head of this fashion house became a producer of the first feature film by young director Guy Ritchie.

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Since that time Statham entrenched role of a such «cold-blooded big guy», who can send the opponent in the knockout by one blow and get out untouched from any firefight.The father of the future actor was engaged in gymnastics and boxing. The boy’s elder brother imbibed his father's love to martial arts and often used the younger one as a punching bag.Jason preferred water sports more, particularly diving.Only once he departed from his principle and looked in the bag, which he was handed over by the customer.Unlike many action pictures, this film was met with applause thanks to the unpredictable plot and charismatic Stethem’s person.Later on, in 2007, the actor appeared in another project, the film «Revolver».

His hero, Jack Green, was sentenced due to circumstances and lost seven years in solitary confinement.

Here's how Statham described this casting: «Guy was looking for a genuine character, and it was me because actors can’t learn in art schools those things which he needed and which I could do».

So, Jason Statham has become one of the four leading characters in the compound crime movie «Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels», full of the first-class black humor.

Now his filmography is full of such characters as an assassin, super spy, police, bodyguards, and thieves.

In 2005, the first episode of the action movie «Crank» was released, where Statham was reincarnated as hit man Chev Chelios, who must create an incredibly tense situation around himself in order not to die from the deadly poison that activates from the slow pulse.

Although the movies have not reached the success of the first movies with Statham, the collaboration with Ice Cube, Jet Li and a string of other notorious actors have contributed much to his acting experience.