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James hardy dating trina

With a solid reputation dating back to 1939, Yancey is staffed by licensed contractors who will complete your siding project in an efficient, cost-effective manner.We respect your time and your property by finishing each project on schedule and following safety guidelines to the letter.

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I assume that as James Hardy only ended up making six reels he would have been using individual letters, others who were in the reel shop for much longer had their own individual 'set'.

One of the stamps has three letters on it, the other has one.

Thats quite a find , to have 2 out of 3 fly reels he made ,well its long odds for sure. Malcolm If the JH who made that 1912 check Hardy was still making reels in the early 1950's that would be one heck of a reel making career of 35 years. People tended to stay at their work back in the days..

I find it interesting that they are leaded as well, have a salmon straight line stamp that is leaded so helps with the dating of it . One would also think that the name would be recognized. not like nowadays when people stay for two years at each place...

A quick peruse, both West Slope Classic Fly Tackle and Vintage Fly Tackle on their websites list Hardy 'finishers', mention J. Drewett featured two letter stamps in his book photographed with other surviving reel makers tools.