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Isla fisher dating history

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“And Sacha was the one who said, ‘You’re crazy if you don’t do comedy; you’re one of the funn­iest girls I know.’”But Isla has no desire to co-star on screen with Cohen. I feel like working together is the kiss of death.”Isla was born to Scottish parents – now divorced – while in Oman, then moved to Brunei and Egypt as a baby, spent her infancy in Bathgate, West Loth­ian, and, at six, moved to Perth, Australia, where she was raised.She was appearing in TV commercials at nine and this work led to Home And Away, in which she starred as teen tearaway Shannon Reed for four years until 1997.

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It was while trudging the obligatory starlet path – steamy photo sessions for lads’ mags, dalliances with Coronation Street actors, small TV roles and app­earances on various World’s Sexiest Women lists – that she met Cohen, who was then starring as Ali G.It was Cohen who urged her to embrace comedy at a time when she wanted to prove her dramatic skills.“I was going up for a lot of dramas and I wasn’t having much luck,” she explains. “I mean, how successful are married working relationships?At least Isla can take Olive with her on the set, feed her between takes, and have the best of both worlds.But it must be exhausting for her.”Isla has come a long way from her days as a star of Australian soap opera Home And Away.“There was one where all I had to do was stand on the back of a moped.

I wanted to do that stunt myself because, basically, nothing much really scares me.”She has found that living with Cohen can be high risk.

Isla, on the other hand, is on the brink of a major movie career.

“There are not many great roles for female comedians so I’ve been creating my own material,” she says. I’ve always done characters ever since I was a kid.”Studios have given two of her projects the go ahead: Groupies, a comedy set around Hollywood back-stage parties, and Cookie Queen, about a woman defending her cookie-selling record against a pushy 10-year-old.

She voiced characters in The Simpsons movie and the coming Dr Seuss film Horton Hears A Who!

, while Definitely, Maybe confirms her comedic credentials.

Her latest film, romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe, is now in British cinemas, co-starring Rachel Weisz and Ryan Reynolds.