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Is sabrina dating mark

Her aunts and their Familiar, Salem, a witch who tried to take over the world and was punished by being made into a cat, help her to slowly learn how to control her magical powers while she also tries to navigate through high school like a normal teenager.She slowly learns how to use these powers, starting with turning oranges, and even Libby, into pineapples.

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She's a natural blonde with blue eyes and an average yet petite build (5'2") for the most part.However, throughout the show, it's quite obvious Sabrina is more comfortable with her looks than many teenage girls.She likes to experiment with in and out styles (hair, clothes, you name it), but her normal look is the typical American mortal garb.In the third season, she cuts her hair to a fitting bob style which she occasionally curls.Although not overly concerned with her style or appearance, Sabrina does however become self conscious on certain occasions, such as during the school dance in her senior year when she crash diets and ends up turning invisible after taking "Blubber-be-gone." In addition, she also changes her appearance when her boss Annie comments that the type of shirt she is wearing is out of style (although she quickly changes it with a bit of magic, which proves to be a problem, due to the cameras her co-worker Leonard has set up throughout the office).She finds herself making some very difficult decisions including giving up some of her extra-curricular activities as well as spending less time with Valerie and Harvey, as she needs to study hard for her Witch's License.

Meanwhile, Sabrina meets fellow half-witch/half-mortal, Dashiell Calzone with whom she starts having feelings for as a result of the many things they share in common.

At Westbridge High School, she befriends oddball Jenny, meets and develops a close relationship with football player Harvey Kinkle and becomes rivals with the popular captain of the cheerleading squad, Libby Chessler.

On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina discovers that she is a witch.

She has also been characterized as a complete busybody at frequent times, having a habit of butting into the lives of those around her.

Sabrina's two catchphrases throughout the entire run of the show are "Woo-hoo! " She gets made fun of a few times because of her constant use of these phrases.

Unfortunately, at the same time, Harvey claims his desire to officially renew their relationship.