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Is common dating serena williams 2016

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When you're one of the most successful female tennis players in sporting history, and comfortably the richest, there's never a shortage of eligible men ready to accompany you to dinner aboard a super yacht en route to an Oscars party on the shores of a private island.It's unsurprising, therefore, that Serena Williams has never struggled to find gentlemen with whom to "court" (is that possibly the worst tennis pun you've ever read? And it's equally unsurprising that she's struggled to hold onto any of them: Is it her busy schedule that makes relationships so difficult, or are the alpha males that have come into Serena's life just incapable of dealing with her gargantuan success?

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Common made an appearance at radio show Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club on March 12 where he talked about a number of things.After meeting in Italy in May 2015, Williams began dating the Reddit founder later that year.Although her friends are said to be concerned about the romance, one person giving his blessing to Serena Williams and Drake's rumoured relationship is surprisingly her ex-boyfriend.That's my friend, we dated, that's been done a long time ago.She's doing super well on the tennis, she's incredible so as long as she's happy I'm good." rapper said on the Meredith Vieira Show in February 2015: "It was kinda eventually a mutual thing, but she initiated it. We've got a great understanding, and I care about her as a person.She received a wild card entry and seeded first at the tournament.

She begins her campaign against Monica Niculesco in her opening second round match on March 14.

Common, who dated the tennis player on and off for two years between 20, says he wishes nothing but the best for the pair.

Speaking to TMZ, the actor said: "Serena is a friend of mine, as long as she's happy I'm good.

As the dating rumours continue to mount, rapper Common has shared his thoughts on showbusiness' new golden couple.

Photos have emerged of Williams, 33, and Drake, 28, kissing during a romantic dinner date in Cincinnati on 23 August after weeks of speculation about their relationship.

However, Common, who has previously dated singer Erykah Badu and actress Taraji P.