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But a lot of people who try it for the first time don't realize how to take advantage of 3D Touch. And for the most part, 3D Touch isn't essential yet.

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What if I could push through folders, or push-to-magnify, dipping in and out of views? My wife is long overdue for an upgrade from the i Phone 4S, but she didn't care about 3D Touch. My mom already has an i Phone 6, and other than needing more storage for her photos she didn't see anything new she needed, either.There's no discernible difference in audio quality or performance between the ports. I showed her 3D Touch, Apple's newest technology on these i Phones. But when I showed her everything else 3D Touch does, she said, "I'm not sure I'd really use this." This year's follow-up i Phone, the i Phone 6S, doesn't improve on that battery.Bottom line: the 7S and 7S Plus are hands-down the best i Phone values on the market today. When I showed the i Phone 6S to one of my wife's friends, she got nostalgic. She pressed on the hypnotically-animated lock screen, a swimming fish. And its newest features aren't as instantly game-changing, at least not on the surface.3D Touch might be the "Next Big Idea" in touchscreens and interfaces.But does it make these new i Phones must-haves for that reason alone?And for the past few years, S phones have introduced evolutionary changes that seriously evolved the phone; the i Phone 4S added Siri, and the i Phone 5S debuted the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The newest, boldest tech is a new pressure-sensitive touchscreen technology called 3D Touch.

look the same (except for the metallic-pink rose gold model) as last year's i Phones. There are lots of other improvements, too: better cameras. And always-on (and I mean -on -- unless you turn it off) Siri.

(If you're looking for the absolute cheapest Apple phone, that's the diminutive The full review of the Apple i Phone 6S, originally posted on Oct. That's obvious: it's an S-year i Phone, and Apple always uses these to tweak design and ramp up processor speeds.

It's the phone for people who didn't get the i Phone 6 last year.

Get this one (or its big-screen sibling, the 6S Plus). , these i Phones let you push in on the screen to accomplish small tasks. And it's the boldest new tech on these i Phones by a mile.

It's a cool idea, but as I've discovered showing it to my family and friends, it's not entirely intuitive at first. But 3D Touch ends up being used very tentatively in the i Phone 6S and 6S Plus software at the current moment: it mostly adds either pop-up "quick action" menus from apps on the home screen, or adds "peek" and "pop" to apps, expanding links or messages into previews that you can then open up fully, or tuck back away by lifting your finger.

(For on-the-fly impressions, check out my .) I might take the miracle of tiny, powerful smartphones for granted, but I can't shake the feeling that the i Phone 6S doesn't, at this moment, have the "one big thing" to make people want to upgrade from the 6.