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Im naked

That was the point that I reached in my shorts and started jacking off.Watching my mom undress was nice, but I still felt weird about it.

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It didn't say to strip naked for your boy, but given the circumstances, it was the thing to do.She toweled her hair off one last shake then dropped it down to her hips. She continued drying herself off, spending a half-second longer jiggling her boobs dry than she would have normally if I hadn't been there. Last night, I thought about it (emphasis on the "thought" as she pressed her hand absent-mindedly into her mound). I'm your mother, I need to teach you things about women." She was avoiding eye contact.The speech was obviously rehearsed, repeated enough in her head until she believed it.It wasn't until a few years after puberty hit (right at the end of high school) that I began to see mom in a different way.I loved taking peeks of her as she was getting dressed for the night or as she was getting out of the shower.The camera on my phone has a feature where I can take pictures in silent mode (no simulated shutter click or indicator beep), so I could surreptitiously snap pictures of her any time around the house: a picture of her asleep on the couch in a thin t-shirt, no bra with panties; a shot of her at the beach in a conservative dark one-piece that was a bit high on the leg; a shot of her in her underwear looking for something out of the laundry room; but my greatest prize was a full, frontal shot of her toweling her hair off as she was getting out of the shower -- she was completely blind to me with the towel wrapped around her head and she was completely 100% naked. She followed the sound of the ringing and found my phone as well as the picture of her glowing, clear as day, on the front screen. You left your phone here," she said very matter-of-factly.

I loved that picture and I couldn't get enough of it; so much so that I made it the greeting picture for her when she calls ("Mark, it's your mother ... She didn't bust me right away, when I got home -- she wouldn't do anything so harsh with me. Pausing, but not waiting for an answer, she continued, "That picture was not a very flattering one of me." She put down her fork and looked me in the eye, waiting for my response.

It broke my heart to delete my favorite prize pictures, but the trade-off was too good to pass up. A mother can't just give a strip show for her son right away." I didn't like it, but I was glad to get what I was getting. I agreed and asked for the most I could get without her exposing herself -- down to her bra and panties.

I tried to maintain a poker face and gave a sheepish "okay" for her. After dinner we retrieved the phone from my room and we went over my pictures together. I'm in my underwear." She was embarrassed and a little upset over my breech of her privacy; but I saw that there was a glimmer of understanding in her as well, which she displayed with a sigh and a half-smile. "The picture of you coming out of the shower was my favorite ..." I cursed myself as the words were coming out of my mouth ... She was already starting to remove her top, but she stopped. "I wasn't planning on you seeing me in my underwear today," she said, stepping out of her slacks, "it's nothing exciting." On the contrary.

Seeing her fondle herself -- well, nobody can restrain themselves that much. The water came off and I straightened my shirt and tried to calm my raging boner.

She emerged from the shower, her towel around her head, trying very hard to mimic the picture I had of her before. "I can't believe you got over getting undressed in front of me so quickly," I told her.

It felt like punishment, but I was looking ahead to the trade-off. "Oh, it's not right to take a picture of your mother while she's sleeping ... We were deleting the pictures as we went, and as she got the last one I asked if I could "look at her" right then. "Hon, that's a little much." I knew she wouldn't go for something so extreme right away, but I was disappointed anyway. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your mother in a plain white bra and granny panties. She modeled for me, holding a hand up and turning around. I want to look at you all day." She returned a "really?