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Idris dating

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Sonya Nicole Hamlin though popularly known as the ex-wife of super hot actor and sex symbol Idris Elba, is an American real-estate lawyer in her own rights.Sonya and Idris met sometime in 2005 and after dating for a while decided to make their union official in an elaborate yet secret ceremony in Las Vegas.

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Meanwhile, on the actor’s part, he was struggling with getting over the heartbreak from his former love affair with a certain Desiree Newberry having been divorced from Hanne Norgaard who he shares a son with.In 1988, he left his school to follow his dream and at 19 he worked in nightclubs as DJ side by side auditioning for TV roles.Idris Elba began his professional acting career in 1995 as he got a significant role in a series of and many others.She went ahead to employ one of her kind with claims that she was drunk on her wedding day and was not totally aware of her surroundings.With these claims, her marriage was successfully annulled.It was not until after a decade of their separation that the lady decided to publicly state the reasons behind their breakup.

It is no news that Idris Elba remained single for a long time after his divorce from Sonya Nicole Hamlin.

English actor, Idrissa Elba is also recognized as producer, musician, and DJ, best known for portraying the character of narcotrafficker Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire.

In 2016, he was named in the Time 100 list of the Most Influential People.

As regarding the facts of Sonya’s birth, formative years and immediate family details, they are readily not available.

Having said that, we wouldn’t be mistaken to say that if Sonya Nicole Hamlin hadn’t tied the knot with the famous actor, you and I wouldn’t have known her. Sonya was introduced to Idris Elba in 2005 by a mutual friend.

His most recent release was Thor: Ragnarok which was a blockbuster hit at the box office.