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How to unsubscribe dating tips in airtel

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Read next: Complete guide: How to update i OS on i Phone or i Pad We experienced this one in mid-October 2016, but it was being reported back in the summer.If you open the Messages app and see dozens of unknown numbers labelled with red dots and Chinese characters, your i Cloud account has been hacked - somehow or other, hackers have gained access to your account, promptly sending out spam messages to a load of people you've never met - and you need to take action now.

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Have you ever found yourself trapped in a premium service that you didn’t know how you signed up to?These typically advertise cheap (usually fake) products, such as sunglasses or legal protection services such as PPI claims.In almost all cases the aim is to get you to hand over bank details so they can withdraw money from your accounts: you'll be very lucky to get the fake product. Most people delete the spam message by sliding it to the left and tapping Delete.While this is an option, it doesn't prevent the spammer from sending you another message, and it leaves them free to spam other i Message users.There are better ways to handle spam i Message texts.You can unmute them by tapping Unblock this Caller.

Read next: All i Phone reviews | How to send and receive text messages on Mac Blocking spam is great for you because it means that particular spammer can no longer send you texts.

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Read next: How to sync i Message conversations on i Phone, i Pad and Mac The solution, fortunately is simple: change the password of your i Cloud account. You'll have to answer some security questions before you can change the password.

Open the Settings app and go to i Cloud, then tap the Apple ID at the top of the screen. This might seem like a pain, but be thankful - if it wasn't for the security questions, the hackers would have changed your password by now and locked you out of your account.

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