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How to not be intimidating to others

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The intimidating person might have…Mini exercise: It’s hard to think about shortcomings when we’re standing eye to eye with someone who intimidates us.

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We want to make people like being Lesson learned: When you’re around people who intimidate you, don’t fall into the trap of trying to prove yourself to them. Instead, keep to the universal principles of likability.Now that we’re aware of this feeling and accept it, we’re ready for the next step.You don’t want to walk around in life looking for people’s shortcomings.Now that we’ve set the foundation with these two mindsets (You don’t need to take it personally because it’s often a defense, and focus on making people like being around you rather than liking you) it’s time to follow the 5 steps below, based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to become better at dealing with anyone who’s intimidating.CBT is a well-researched field and is used by psychologists all over the world when it comes to changing behavior and dealing with feelings.The foundation of CBT is to first be aware of what we’re feeling.

Sometimes we don’t even want to admit to ourselves that we’re intimidated because it feels silly or we’re afraid that acknowledging it will make us more nervous. If you acknowledge that you do feel intimidated and accept that feeling, it won’t be as strong as if you tried to ignore it.

Being intimidating doesn’t help her social life, quite the contrary.

She’s told me how people before they get to know her, believe that she’s superficial because she seems so “perfect” (when in reality she’s one of the least superficial people I know).

A friend of mine is a prime example of an intimidating person.

She’s pretty, intelligent, confident, has a great education and a high-income job in finance.

After all, you can’t remove feelings and most people get intimidated every once in awhile, so why not be okay with it?