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How to liquidating assets

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Don’t take chances when it comes to disposing of your company’s equipment. Equipment disposition doesn’t have to be a headache.

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Feel free to check out the Excess Logic website and click on the ‘Services’ link to learn why they’re the #1 agency in the area for recycling.large, bulky, old equipment can often prove to be a major headache for companies.Call in the experts from Excess Logic at 650-3007-7553.Are you doing your part to protect the environment?Call Excess Logic for responsible e waste recycling in San Jose and you’ll be certain your electronic waste ends up where it belongs- instead of in your local landfill.O’Keefe is often approved as court appointed receivers in state and federal courts.

In some cases we operate as a trustee of liquidating trusts.

Data Center liquidation is one of the most difficult processes to oversee.

Let Excess Logic provide data center recycling services that ensure the proper decommissioning of your data center takes place.

We employ creative and unique solutions to maximize the sales proceeds well above auction value, while at the same time managing the risks of non-traditional approaches.

Our team is quick to develop disposition strategies, prepare marketing information for the assets to be liquidated, identify potential buyers, and return proceeds to lenders and other stakeholders.

Excess Logic will ensure that you recycle in compliance with state and federal regulations. Your company’s computer liquidation solutions don’t have to cost you a fortune.