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How the dating rules have changed

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Was supposed to get married in September, but after 8 years our differing views on religion became an issue she couldn’t get past.

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which has to say something about the quality of men in my age group. My wife passed away after 43 years of a wonderful marriage. It wasn't long before some ladies let me know they were available, and a couple came right out and said they were pretty easy.She had never dated in those nine years but she gave me her phone number.One week after we met, I proposed to her on the phone, and she accepted.One key rule when it comes to dating is to create more opportunities to meet more potential people.And that means breaking out of your comfort zone and making yourself open and available to meet new guys and gals and have new experiences.The last two, both times, I was sent not-safe-for-LTUP pics in the first day..... I did some dating, I finally found a wonderful lady on line, that had been a widow for 9 years.

I dont even keep pics of myself on my phone clothed! She had never dated in those nine years but she gave me her phone number.

The truth is that it was over for me before that because she widowed me so many nights a week with her after work church activities that she was kind of already gone.

Most nights she would be home after I went to bed and weekends were half tied up with church activities too.

So, I havent had to go looking for women in about a decade, my last GF was with me for 8 years and we were set up by a friend,....

I have met a few women online since the first of the year and am surprised at how up front they are about their wishes and wants and holy hell do they like to send pictures to make a guy blush....

In other words, you shouldn’t feel pressured or obligated to move faster than you’d like to and/or engage in any activity that you’re not ready for, and that goes for both in and out of the bedroom.